Flavie Audi


Athr Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Group Show

14.05 – 29.06 2019

Wifi, we are all connected by its invisible pulsations of data linking us together through waves of information. No part of our lives is untouched by this web radiating from the ground up to the stratosphere, permeating walls and windows, shaping how we live each day. Within that Wifi system, objects are no longer just objects, they have become networked, addressed objects that are packed with sensors, making up the internet of things. Sensors that transform these objects into skilled things with capabilities of their own, that often surpass we as humans are capable of. Are objects looking back at us? Yet, it remains imperceptible to the eye: immaterial, ethereal, and ungraspable. The wind, a similar unseeable force, flows over the surface of the Earth, circulating air over the seas and continents. Although it, too, is unseeable, it is able to sculpt stone into large rock formations. It creates architecture. In Lithic Signal, the power of these two invisible forces that shape our planet, the wind and the wifi, are physically materialised. The force of wifi is seen in the rock surface and form, creating ripples that radiate through the stone. 


Tristan Hoare gallery, London, UK

Group show

16.05 – 05.07 2019

New Glass Now

Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, USA

12.05.2019 – 05.01.2020

New Glass Now will document the innovation and dexterity of artists, designers, and architects around the world working in the challenging material of glass. A global survey designed to the show the breadth and depth of contemporary glassmaking, the exhibition will feature objects, installations, videos, and performances made in the last three years by 100 artists of 32 nationalities working in more then 25 countries.

Studio Manager

Flavie Audi is seeking a Studio Manager for 2-3 days a week with flexible hours, potentially more for special projects or events, working primarily from her studio in SW10.

This is a role with both creative and organisational elements.

Start date is mid-April. Submitted applications will be reviewed and possibly interviewed before closing date.

Contact us at studio@flavieaudi.com

• Working closely with the artist to research and develop ideas and concepts for upcoming sculptural, design, digital video works.
• Research and design development for projects using Photoshop and Indesign.
• Basic 3D modelling.
• Sketching ideas and concepts.
• Writing text and copy.
• Creating mock-ups.

Studio Management
• Correspondence with galleries and clients.
• Scheduling couriers and art handlers.
• Basic invoicing.
• Preparing and packing artworks.
• Updating website using CMS.
• Managing inventory of artworks using ArtLogic.
• Sourcing and being contact point between fabricators, artisans, and digital creatives for projects.
• Visiting workshops and ensuring that production is progressing to artist’s standards and specifications and resolving technical and aesthetic decisions.

• Genuine interest in art, design, and technology is essential.
• Good knowledge of Photoshop.
• Basic knowledge of Indesign and Illustrator desirable.
• Basic knowledge of Rhino 3D modelling. Knowledge of other 3D software is a plus.
• Art/design experience desirable.
• A keen eye for detail to ensure high accuracy of work delivered.
• Good organisational skills and multi-tasking skills.
• An efficient & conscientious manner.
• Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines.
• Strong time management skills.
• Friendly, motivated, enthusiastic and flexible.
• Ability to work well independently.
• Adaptable to any situation and not afraid to muck-in.

House of today

Beirut, Lebanon