Flavie Audi

Stellar Flux


Edited by
House of Today

Marble, resin, glass, powder coated steel.

Coffee table : L: 150 cm ,W: 120 cm, H: 43 cm.
Side table : L: 75 cm ,W: 60 cm, H: 43 cm.

Once upon a time, every organism came from the same source of water.
Water. Life started from this primordial soup, from a puddle of water.
A puddle which one day was containing the data of our existence.
Let’s gather around our common primitive puddle of water, a puddle reminiscent of our genesis.
Let’s contemplate our mysterious fluid origin.
Water. That draws people, we ght and live for water.
Water is what we are.
Emotions are liquid, through the ow of tears and the bleeding of wounds.
On a stone surface lies a body of solidi ed resin that echoes the primordial soup, the source of inception for all organisms.
Lets feel the presence of water and the earth.