Flavie Audi

‘True Beauty – Tales of Research and Imagination’

Forthcoming exhibition

‘True Beauty’ Tales of Research and Imagination

Stedelijk Museum Breda, The Netherlands.

3rd March – 19th August2018

The face of science is constantly changing. Recent scientific areas of research, discoveries and technologies has led to a flood of new images. Although they sometimes resemble what we know, the stories these images tell can often be a mystery. Many images stand out for their beauty. Perhaps the makers want to make apparent that truth and beauty are still connected.

On the other hand, artists and designers create new images through scientific research. Their interests might lie in techniques and methodologies, or they might place their focus on the aesthetics and meaning of the images themselves. History has shown that the relationship between scientific and artistic imagination, between scientific and artistic beauty, has always been a source of inspiration.

The exhibition gives an overview of some of the most beautiful scientific images from the 21st century. Photography, video, and animations will explore the themes of man & nature and space & matter with artworks by Flavie Audi, Franck Bragigand, Herbert Franke, Jan-Maarten Luursema, James Pricer, and Mels van Zutphen.

True Beauty is the pilot to a series of three biennial exhibitions that explore science, fine art, and image culture.