Flavie Audi


Athr Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Group Show

14.05 – 29.06 2019

Wifi, we are all connected by its invisible pulsations of data linking us together through waves of information. No part of our lives is untouched by this web radiating from the ground up to the stratosphere, permeating walls and windows, shaping how we live each day. Within that Wifi system, objects are no longer just objects, they have become networked, addressed objects that are packed with sensors, making up the internet of things. Sensors that transform these objects into skilled things with capabilities of their own, that often surpass we as humans are capable of. Are objects looking back at us? Yet, it remains imperceptible to the eye: immaterial, ethereal, and ungraspable. The wind, a similar unseeable force, flows over the surface of the Earth, circulating air over the seas and continents. Although it, too, is unseeable, it is able to sculpt stone into large rock formations. It creates architecture. In Lithic Signal, the power of these two invisible forces that shape our planet, the wind and the wifi, are physically materialised. The force of wifi is seen in the rock surface and form, creating ripples that radiate through the stone.